Hi there, I’m Danny!
I’m a Digital Product Designer

I’m passionate about building & designing digital products since 11 years, with the combination of UX/UI design, business, photography and online marketing to make users satisfied when they’re using products and services online.

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Selected Works

Since 2018


Triphunt is an app to plan your next biking or hiking trip with your friends or family. Triphunt personalizes the planning with route and gear suggestions based on location, sports, weather, friends, personal skills, existing gear and off-peak times. Triphunt analyses all guest data from different touch points and uses deep learning and machine learning to provide the best routes and gear for the user.

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Since 2016


MountLytics is a smart CRM system for hotels, which collects guest data from all data silos and combines them in a guest profile. Hotels can use the data to send personalized automation mails with services, information and upsellings. I’m working on this platform since 2016 and built several product states, wireframes and prototypes during the time.

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Kapilendo is an investment plattform for P2P credits. I was mainly working on a new user interface design for the user area, but also working on concepts for different investment card designs for the investment classes for their website.

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Gore-Tex Club

Gore Club was a project with Gore to provide customers an app to manage their gear, get cleaning instructions and receive incentives in the Gore membership.

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Energis built a loyalty program called „Watt für dich“, for their customers. They wanted to transfer the energy generated by movement into a digital product, so that their customers can earn points for sport activities. Points can be used to buy products in the Energis shop. To engage more users, they were able to attend challanges with friends or family to earn extra points and badges.

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Danny is a kind and considerate designer - an expert in his craft. Danny will coordinate and communicate with you more effectively than most designers. I have worked with many different creatives throughout my career, and I know that Danny is one of the most reliable and efficient creative minds that I‘ve ever been able to come across. Work with him, you won‘t be disappointed - I know that I never was.

- Jordan Ramirez, Ridescout


Danny is an extremely outstanding and talented young individual. He is exceptionally talented, with a strong work ethic, a great team attitude, and tremendous vision. His skills reflect impeccable design, frontend development, creative ideation, and UX work. Moreover, he has ever increasing leadership and management skills. I can wholly recommend Danny for any web front-end development and design opportunity that may arise.

- James Pinto, CEO Swiftlaunch


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