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I'm designing digital products since 2008. I love being creative and explore wild ideas hands on. I love learning something new everyday with a huge interest for new technologies. Being able to explore new ideas, think and build products from scratch to roll-out and beyond is just something I love since 20 years. I'm combining my knowledge of front-end development, design and project managment to support product teams to be successful.

Besides designing myself I also mentor young students at Startup Teens to bring their product ideas to life. I'm working fully remote since 16 years and lived in multiple countries around the world. When I'm off, I follow my passion for photography and in the past I've built a community on Youtube & Instagram of around 40.000 people.


šŸš€Launched Triphunt

My first own app Triphunt launched on iOS and Android. Plan your next outdoor trip with your friends.

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šŸŽ™ļøInterview guest at Mutmacher podcast

I got interviewed about my app Triphunt.

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šŸŽ™ļøInterview guest at Digitale Nomaden podcast

I got interviewed by Digitale Nomaden podcast about my life as freelance designer, remote work and my business advice

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šŸš€Launched Business Butze Podcast

I was one of four hosts at Business Butze Podcast, a short Podcast about business topics. All four hosts where from four different generations, so everyone brought it`s own perspective.


šŸ˜ŠMoved to Cyprus

In 2020 I left Germany and did a roadtrip in Norway and Sweden. After the trip I`ve decided to move to Cyprus.


šŸš€Launched Homeoffice Congress

With a group of other digital nomads, we launched the online event Homeoffice Congress with several speakers about challenges, processes and benefits of working from home. This topic was highly demanded, as many companies had to switch to a home office model due to Covid.


šŸ˜ŠStarted as Mentor at Startup Teens

Mentoring and supporting young teenagers with product ideas to bring their businesses to life and make an impact.

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šŸš€Launched Solonomade Podcast

My first single podcast about remote work, digital nomads and interviews.

Solonomade Podcast

āœļøInterview Webdesign Podcast

A written interview about my life as designer, working 100% remotely.

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šŸš€Launched Solonomade Blog

Besides the youtube and instagram channel, I`ve started the blog to write more detailed about travel destinations and digital nomad life.


šŸ“¹Started Solonomade Youtube Channel

Youtube channel with personal topics and travel content.

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šŸš€Launched Bandbreite Podcast

Started my first podcast with a group of design friends. We talked about design, technology and lifestyle topics.


āœļøFeatured at Macrumors

In 2014 I created design drafts for the new upcoming MacOS version, which got featured first at Macrumors and spread across the internet on multiple news platforms.

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šŸ˜ŠMoved to Canada

In 2012 I packed my bags and moved to Canada, originally for Work&Holiday. But I was hired by a startup in Vancouver as Lead Designer and stayed for 1 1/2 years in Canada. We have worked with the Canadian government, BC Hydro, Apple CA and more.


šŸš€Launched Webmarathon

Webmarathon was a platform to bring designers and customers together by offering services and posting jobs.