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2018 - today


Triphunt helps you to plan your next biking or hiking trip with your friends or family. Save time with personalized planning with route and gear suggestions based on location, sports, weather, friends, personal skills, existing gear and off-peak times. Triphunt is my own product, which I`m developing with a small team for iOS and Android.

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2022 - today


Sensaru empowers the real estate industry to digitize their heating systems with their developed sensors and optimize their heating costs and Co2 emissions. I am helping the team in UX UI design for their website, cloud platform and mobile app, in research and conception, as well as building a design system.

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2020 - 2021


Certification is a digital signage solution based on blockchain technology. Businesses can use certifaction to digitally sign and verify documents to avoid fraud. I’m supporting the team as UX / UI Designer to build the platform.

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2019 - 2020


Startbase is the German startup and investor platform by Börse Stuttgart and German Startup Association. The platform helps startups, investors, corporates and accelerators to get visibility, to connect with each other and to discover the German startup ecosystem.

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2016 - 2019


MountLytics is a smart CRM system for hotels, which collects guest data from all data silos and combines them in a guest profile. Hotels can use the data to send personalized automation mails with services, information and upsellings. I’m working on this platform since 2016 and built several product states, wireframes and prototypes during the time.

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Gore-Tex Club

Gore Club was a project with Gore to provide customers an app to manage their gear, get cleaning instructions and receive incentives in the Gore membership.

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Energis built a loyalty program called „Watt für dich“, for their customers. They wanted to transfer the energy generated by movement into a digital product, so that their customers can earn points for sport activities. Points can be used to buy products in the Energis shop. To engage more users, they were able to attend challanges with friends or family to earn extra points and badges.

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